Our Cooling Tunnels are manufactured custom to your specifications. Lineal feet of cooling, width of belt, in-feed & discharge temperature desired, as well as type of belt, can be determined by your product and requirements.

The All Stainless Steel Construction gives the AFE Cooling Tunnel durability with ease of sanitation, meeting all food safety guidelines.

We use only quality famous brand components in our manufacturing process.

The cooling tunnel is assembled and tested in our facility assuring a defect free and smooth installation at your facility.

Contact us today for your free quotation, our equipment can be as much as 30% less than our competitors. Email us at allfoodequip@gmail.com

Model / Project 400 600 900 1000 1200
Wiremesh and Belt Width (mm) 400 600 900 1000 1200
Wiremesh and Belt Speed (ft/min) 3-20 3-20 3-20 3-20 3-20
Refrigeration Units (Set) 2 3 4 4 5
Cooling Tunnel Length (ft) 30 45 60 65 72
Cooling Tunnel Temperature (F") 35-50 35-50 35-50 35-50 2-10
Total Power (kw) 16 16.5 22.87 23.76 28.5
Weight (lbs) 4000 5100 7000 7700 9000


  • All Frames are #304 Stainless Steel. The front, rear, connecting and evaporator frames can be easily disassembled.
  • The sealing plate for the insulating layer is made of sandwiched stainless steel plates, thickness is 30mm.
  • The outside is stainless steel, open welding, inside we either use stainless steel or plastic depending the customer's requirements.
  • The cover can be opened for easy inspection of product and sanitation.
  • Cooling tunnel is equipped with name brand refrigeration units & compressors.
  • There are temperature sensors inside the tunnel. Temperature is controlled by a temperature controller. Cooling tunnel working temperature is 35-50F. (The electrical components are SIEMENS, OMRON or SCHNEIDER)
  • The front and rear frames have pneumatic belt tracking devices.
  • The driving motor is 2.2kw, major brand, conveyor belt speed can be 3-20 ft/min (by sprocketed transmission), controlled by a frequency inverter.
  • The belt is PU and 1mm thick, other belts or stainless straps optional
  • All electrical components, compressors and motors are UL standards.

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